Since opening for business on the auspicious date of April Fools’ Day, 2011, we’ve operated like a band of itinerant, entrepreneurial gypsies. We’ve had meetings in bars, alleys, hidden caves, tree houses, Cold War-era spy drops and, well, anywhere with wi-fi.

But we’re finally moving into our office.

We’re kind of camping out, while we do some light sprucing up and wait on Joel Hobbie and Cyrus McCray to finish fabricating some custom furniture for us, but at least we’re all logging long hours together in a soon-to-be-great space.

The image to left is a quick glimpse of the fabrication process at Hobbie’s secret, underground welding cave. We’re going with a minimal, steel design. The desk units will be modular and on height-adjustable all-terrain casters–reconfigurable to accommodate sweat equity all-nighters for start-up frenzies or scavenging for supplies after the apocalypse.

It’s only practical.