There’s ingenius design, and there’s the terrible design accident. And then there’s the gift of accidental genius.

Arroyos in Santa Fe are often targets for opportunistic off-roaders. We don’t blame anyone for wanting to kick up a rooster tail or two, but it’s not an activity that exactly supports a healthy riparian environment. The solution is often better fencing. We don’t know if this wabi-sabi of dry branches leveraged between fence posts (and lovingly offset with a color splash of international “don’t crash into this”) is the result of a particularly creative cadre of public works employees or the secret labor of some kind of fencing vigilante, but we know it’s vernacular-tastic.

Around these parts, it’s traditional to use sticks and branches vertically as a “coyote fence”–to keep those wiley creatures away from the hens and so forth, but this freeform interpretation is a clever blend of inspirations and materials. You know, like a green chile cheeseburger.

Kudos to the best kind of beauty and the most accessible kind of genius–accidental.