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There’s a mind-boggling spectrum of cost associated with producing content and developing delivery systems today. An algorithm can help create design online on the fly and digital printing can be had for peanuts. Or a name brand agency can charge hundreds of thousands of dollars and custom dies and artisanal printing can drain a budget fast. A website can be free and findable almost immediately or a costly and time-consuming endeavor. There are about a million variations in between the low and high ends of the spectrum.

At ANAGR.AM, our pricing is consistent and carefully considered in order to deliver the highest quality work at a fair price. We respect the projects we engage and price in accordance with a genuine commitment to the creative process, the hours of labor, the review of iterations and the time and energy required to exceed expectations.

We do have a discounting formula that we apply to projects with a high social value or perceivable public benefit. If our pricing is too high for you or your project, we will be happy to refer to you less expensive designers and developers who produce reliable work.

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